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“I loved that Coach Shawn’s tone was very inspiring. Better still, he used some quotes at the end of each chapter. Coach Shawn knows how to coach people who are going through difficulties.”

- Online Book Club Reader

The Inspiration from Coach Shawn...

Reshape Your Thinking was founded in 2018 when I realized that people were missing out on practical life and leadership skills because of a lack of resources. Those who had the great ideas were pioneering their future while profiting handsomely by providing small "nuggets" of information on how they achieved their success without teaching others how to achieve it on their own. I realized that at that point, I was one of those successful people who others looked to for advice, and it ignited a passion in me to become a Coach! I believe every one of us has a purpose, plan, and ultimately called to become leaders in our lives for others to see and become inspired. This LIFETIME Course is just the beginning. I recommend you buy our book Brick by Brick: Reshape Your Thinking to introduce you to the leadership course as it builds on the concepts and principles published in the book to provide you a comprehensive view of how to become more effective in your leadership in life, business, and your home!

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